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Grassroots Action

Grassroots Action

This month for grassroots action, we encourage you to consider a donation to the Iowans for a Skilled Workforce Political Action Committee (ISW PAC). A PAC is an organization that campaigns for political policies, and that gives money to political parties or candidates who support those policies. The ISW PAC has three goals:

  • Educating lawmakers about the Community College programs

  • Recognizing Community College legislative champions

  • Building relationships with legislators and policymakers

This PAC is key to our success in achieving Community College legislative priorities. In 2021: $35,000 to over 100 legislative candidates, committees, and the governor. Giving is strictly bipartisan with funds raised locally from Community College champions. There are no overhead costs, so all donations are given directly to candidates. To make a contribution, send a check to Iowans for a Skilled Workforce, 855 E. Court Ave., Des Moines, IA 50309.

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