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Equity Lens: Where do I begin?

“Where do I begin?”

This is a question that resonates among many folks who may want to better understand ADEIJ (Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice). There is a common misconception that just because someone is LGBTQIA+, female, BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color), a Veteran, a person with disAbilities, or has been marginalized, minoritized, discriminated against, oppressed, etc., they are an expert in ADEIJ. ADEIJ is a dynamic lifelong learning journey with many paths. There are a lot of free trainings, courses, videos, and resources available to compliment your journey:

Today’s ADEI word –“Racelighting”

Racelighting is “the process whereby people of color question their own thoughts and actions due to systematically delivered racialized messages that make them second-guess their own lived experiences and realities with racism.” Racelighting is distinguished from gaslighting when the messages used to invalidate the victim are racialized in nature. Ultimately, these messages lead Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to question themselves.

Learn more about Racelighting 

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