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Newsletter: October 2022 Newsletter

College degree holders typically make more money than those with a high school diploma, but the path from start to finish is not always easy. We take a deep dive into why some don't complete their program & why re-engaging non-completer's is so difficult.
The acronym LGBTQIA+ is an umbrella term for folks who are not cisgender and/or are not heterosexual. The “plus” added to LGBTQIA acknowledges the many identities which LGBTQIA does encompass. Regardless of someone’s identity, it is imperative to respect the words someone uses to describe themselves. Learn LGBTQIA+ terms and...
In 2020-21 5,399 Iowa businesses & 136,019 Iowans were served by the Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation fund! These programs drive and support vital training for future, new, & current employees. We've made a helpful flyer to share this information with your communities.
Learning at Community Colleges in Iowa and across the country has long been rooted in direct connections to industries and current work opportunities. Colleges are highly responsive to the needs of their local regional economies, tailoring programs to available jobs, and ensuring that their teaching keeps up with industry trends...
What is the conference about? The Way Up Conference is an affordable, in-state, gathering of women in higher education. Head to the website to register and find out about speakers and concurrent sessions. More information about the award and scholarships. Tell me more! November 3-4, 2022 at the Bien VenU...
On Thursday, November 10, join Des Moines community members, partners, and service providers at the 2022 Refugee Summit to learn about serving our local refugee and immigrant communities! Registration and more info found here.
What is it? The Missouri Community College Association's annual convention connects Midwest Community College folks together. Gather with fellow professionals and experience the city of St. Louis while you're there! When? November 29, 2022 - December 1, 2022 Where? St. Louis Union Station Sign me up! Register on their website.
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