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Equity Lens: Summer Movie Season

May 5th officially started the summer movie season this year, and there is a plethora of movies available for just about every taste. Throughout cinematic history, there have been movies that have been labeled divisive and have brought controversy like this year’s The Little Mermaid. Its controversy stems from Ariel being Black with some folks feeling that Ariel’s character should be white. Controversial movies have a very polar effect of either bringing more movie-goers to the big screen, or completely steering them away, but more importantly, they help spark conversation on topics that may have not otherwise been discussed.

Stacker researched what movies have caused the most national controversy, and Cinemaholic created a list of the 18 most controversial movies of all time. Have you seen any of these movies or know why they are controversial?

Anyone can do a quick online search and find numerous compiled lists of controversial movies varying by topic. Interestingly, many streaming services’ home screens are populated with diverse, cultural, and inclusive content from around the world that is intended to encourage learning and human understanding but may be taken by users as divisive and controversial because they have a DEI focus. What opportunities do we have to learn about others not like us on the big screen or in the comfort of our homes? 

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