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Newsletter: June 2022 Newsletter

The Community Colleges for Iowa team has been busy this month still wrapping up from the legislative session and preparing for upcoming events. We hope to see you July 20-22 at Western Iowa Tech for the Community Colleges for Iowa Trustee Conference. Registration was just extended to July 1, so...
Congratulations to Eastern Iowa for finding their new chancellor, Dr. Sonya Williams! Read more about her here.
Priorities Identified The Alliance to Foster Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee has identified four priorities to promote and increase equity, inclusion, and social justice at each of our colleges. The priorities include an update of what the Alliance has been up to. Check it out at
Monthly Celebrations Heritage/History/Pride/Awareness months matter greatly because it is an opportunity to share the histories and stories of specific identities. These months are an opportunity to showcase and recognize the complexities and richness of each of the identities being celebrated. They are important in providing the space, which many times...
Session Reflection Webinar June 29, 2022 12:30-1:30 p.m. Join us as we discuss what occurred this session, what will have an impact on our Colleges, and looking forward toward the 2023 legislative session. Use this registration link or head to our website page. Community Colleges for Iowa Conference July 20-22...
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