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Summary: Government Reorganization Bill

Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing

Division III adds additional authority over professional licensing to the Department of Inspections and Appeals. That department will also now administer laws relating to employee safety, labor standards, and workers’ compensation.

Iowa Workforce Development Reorganization

Division XI moves programs to Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) for administration.

From the Department of Education:

  • Work-based learning intermediary network
  • Adult education and literacy programs
  • Sector partnerships and the $200,000 in Pathways for Academic and Career Employment (PACE) funds to administer them

From the Economic Development Authority:

  • New Jobs Training Program (260E)
  • Iowa Jobs Training Act (260F)
  • Workforce Development Fund
  • Accelerated Career Education Program (260G)

Notes on specific language:

  • Sector partnership funding can be used by community colleges and IWD
  • Existing sector partnerships are valid and can continue
  • Existing 260E, F, and G agreements are valid and can continue
  • Unencumbered and unobligated 260G funds will revert to IWD
  • Code language specifies that IWD and community colleges shall jointly implement adult education and literacy

Iowa Department of Education Reorganization

Division XIV moves programs to the Iowa Department of Education for administration and reorganizes the department.

A Division of Innovation is added to the department, which will house the work of the existing Governor’s STEM Initiative.

A new Division of Higher Education is created, replacing the existing Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation. This division will include:

  • Bureau of Community Colleges (same)
  • Bureau of Career and Technical Education (same)
  • College Students Aid Commission
  • Board of Educational Examiners

Boards and Commissions Review Committee

Division XIX established a boards and commissions review committee to study the efficiency and effectiveness of each board, council, commission, committee, or other similar entity of the state established by code. The committee is to provide a report with findings and recommendations by September 30, 2023.

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