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Bill List - January 20, 2023
Category Bill # Sponsor Bill Explanation Comments Registration Status
Audit   Auditor of State If suspected of misuse of public funds, must cooperate with auditor to establish investigation. Any actions taken by auditor will be reimbursed by community college.    
CDL HSB 28 Department of Transportation Strikes the current list of third-party CDL testers and authorizes the DOT to adopt rules restricting the scope of third-party testers.  1/12 Introduced, referred to Transportation. 1/12 Subcommittee: Sorensen, Wilson and Wood. Committee Meeting: 01/18.   
CDL SSB1027 Department of Transportation Farm-related service industry CDL exemption.  1/11 Introduced, referred to Transportation. 1/11 Subcommittee: Zumbach, Shipley, and Taylor, T. 1/18 Subcommittee recommends passage.  Undecided
Elections SF 23 Zaun Requires candidates for merged area offices to be nominated by primary elections. Requires political parties to hold conventions for the nomination of members to the school district central committee for the purpose of holding primary elections on or after January 1, 2025.  01/09 Introduced, referred to State Government. 1/12 Subcommittee: Cournoyer, Celsi, and Salmon.  Undecided
Elections SSB1034 Secretary of State Makes technical changes to election laws, including filing deadlines for some voter registration forms, for training of election personnel, use of electronic registers and other matters.  1/12 Introduced, referred to State Government. 1/12 Subcommittee: Schultz, Boulton, and Salmon.   
Elections SSB1035 Secretary of State Makes changes to recount boards based on the size of the county. Includes requirements for the conduct of recounts and for matters related to presidential electors. Makes other changes.  1/12 Introduced, referred to State Government. 1/12 Subcommittee: Schultz, Salmon, and Weiner.   
K12 HF 68 - Successor to HSB1 Education Reform Committee Educational Savings Accounts 01/18 Introduced, placed on calendar.   
K12 SF 8 Zaun Eliminates common core curriculum. Ensures community colleges meet Iowa academic standards without prioritizing core curriculum areas.  01/09 Introduced, referred to Education. 1/11 Subcommittee: Zaun, Donahue, and Garrett Undecided
K12 SF 94  - Successor to SSB1022 Education Committee Educational Savings Accounts 01/18 Introduced, placed on calendar. 1/18 Committee approved bill. 1/18 Referred to Appropriations. 1/19 Subcommittee: Kraayenbrink, Alons, Celsi, Costello, Donahue, Dotzler, Edler, Garrett, Giddens, Green, Guth, Koelker, Lofgren, Petersen, Reichman, Rowley, J. Taylor, T. Taylor, Winckler, and Zumbach. 01/19 Subcommittee recommends passage. 01/19 Committee recommends passage (12-6).   
Meeting Notices SF 31 Lofgren Allows meeting notices to be published electronically.  1/11 Introduced, referred to Technology. 1/17 Subcommittee: Koelker, Alons, and Knox.  Undecided
Operations HF 2 Stone, Holt, Wheeler, Collins, Moore, Jeneary, Vondran, Fisher, Dunwell, Meggers, Wulf, Shipley, Bradley, Golding, Graber, Johnson, Deyoe, Mommsen, Boden, Kaufmann, Fry, Andrews, Thomson, Henderson, Wood, Hora, Osmundson, Windschitl, Grassley, Bossman, and Gerhold Public entities and public funds, when financially prudent, should avoid doing business with companies and investors that engage in economic warfare.  1/11 Introduced, referred to State Government Undecided
Operations SF 33 Dawson Resident tuition & fees at CCs and Regents for former naval personnel.  1/10 Introduced, referred to Veterans Affairs. 1/11 Subcommittee: Dawson, McClintock, Winckler Undecided
Pregnancy SF 58 J. Taylor Can not force pregnant students to drop out and must provide them reasonable accommodations (defined in the bill) for them to complete their courses, including extra time to take exams and complete their degree.  1/11 Introduced, referred to Education. 1/17 Subcommittee: Taylor, Giddens, and Salmon.  Undecided
Programming SSB1028 Department of Transportation Final driver education field test. Strikes the provisions relating to who many administer the final field test and clarification of who can administer the final field test.  1/11 Introduced, referred to Transportation. 1/12 Subcommittee: Cournoyer, Bennett, and De Witt. 1/17 Subcommittee recommends passage.  Undecided
Reporting HF 10 Wheeler, Holt, Stone, Dunwell, Fisher, Moore, Jeneary, Stoltenberg, Wulf, Shipley, Bradley, Golding, Deyoe, P. Thompson, Wills, Johnson, Boden, Gehlbach, Sorensen, Osmundson, Henderson, Graber, Siegrist, Windshitl, Bossman, Grassley, and Gerhold Requires mandatory reporters to report abuse of children over the age of 12. Establishes immunity for the school board or school authorities for discussing such incidents. Requires schools to contact the BEE about potential hires to determine if the person has been the subject of a complaint.  01/11 Introduced, referred to Education. 1/12 Subcommittee: Boden, Gustoff, Staed. 1/17 Subcommittee recommends passage.   
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