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Bill Tracker May 5, 2023

Bill List - May 5, 2023
Category Bill # Sponsor Bill Explanation Comments Registration Status
Career and Technical Education HF 258 - Successor to HSB 92 and Companion to SF 155 Transportation Committee Requires states to request information from the national drug and alcohol clearinghouse to determine individuals' ability to obtain a CDL. If someone is prohibited from obtaining a CDL, the individual must be downgraded within 60 days. If there is a violation, penalties are enforced.  2/9 Introduced, placed on calendar.  2/9 Committee recommends passage (20-0). 2/9 Fiscal Note (LSB1217HV). 2/15 Passed the House (99-0). 2/16 Introduced. 2/21 Referred to Ways and Means. 2/23 Subcommittee: Klimesh, Dickey and T. Taylor. 3/14 Subcommittee Meeting. 3/14 Subcommittee recommends passage. 3/15 Committee meeting. 3/15 Committee recommends passage (17-0). 5/2 Passed Senate (48-0).   
Governance HF 143 - Successor to HSB 13 & Companion to SF 203 Economic Growth and Technology Committee Defines ransomware and outlines penalties.  1/26 Introduced, placed on calendar. 1/31 Fiscal note. 2/1 Amendment H-1005 filed. 2/2 Passed House (98-0). 2/2 Introduced. 4/17 Passed Senate (50-0).   
K-12  SF 391 - Successor to SSB 1076 Education Committee Strikes certain conditions on community colleges offering science and math classes to HS students and allows any cc to offer these classes. Authorizes community colleges to offer/provide instructors to teach any required topic in grades 9-12. Authorizes community college-employed instructors to teach 2 or more sequential units of one subject area in the same classroom at the same time in grades 9-12 for concurrent enrollment programs. Divisions 4 & 7 2/22 Committee recommends passage (10-6). 2/23 Introduced, placed on Calendar. 3/7 Amendments S-3048, S-3047, S-3046, and S-3042 Filed. 3/7 S-3042 adopted, all other amendments lost. 3/7 Passed Senate (33-16). 3/8 Amendment H-1074 Filed. 3/9 Amendment H-1081 and H-1074 adopted. 3/9 Passed House (62-34). 3/13 Amendment S-3065 Filed. 4/17 Amendment S-3135 Filed. 4/17 Amendments S-3135 and S-3065 Adopted. 4/17 Passed Senate (34-16). 4/19 Amendment H-1252 Filed. 4/20 Passed House (60-36).  For
Operations HF 430 - Successor to HF 10 Education Committee Division I requires official in charge of bond issue to give notice by publishing time/place of sale, amount offered for sale, and other important information in at least 1 nationwide circulation or county newspaper. Division III gets rid of requirement that community colleges conduct an evaluation/assessment regarding implementation of an environmentally preferable cleaning policy and to purchase cleaning products that DAS deems environmentally preferable.  2/21 Committee recommends passage (13-8). 2/24 Introduced, placed on calendar. 3/7 Amendments H-1061 and H-1064 Filed. 3/8 Passed House (68-29). 3/9 Read first time, referred to Education. 3/15 Subcommittee: Cournoyer, Donahue and Sinclair. 3/29 Subcommittee Meeting. 3/29 Subcommittee recommends passage with amendment. 3/29 Committee Meeting. 3/29 Committee recommends passage (11-5). 5/2 Amendment S-3210 Filed and Adopted. 5/2 Amendment H-1349 Filed. 5/3 Amendment H-1349 Adopted. 5/3 Passed House (92-1).   
Workforce Training SF 318 - Successor to SSB 1086 Workforce Committee Establishes the Iowa office of apprenticeship within IWD. To qualify as an eligible apprenticeship, the program must include employer involvement, on-the-job training, related training instruction from a lead apprenticeship sponsor, and paid work experience. Establishes the Iowa apprenticeship council.  2/16 Committee recommends passage (12-0). 2/16 Introduced, placed on calendar. 3/15 Amendment S-3081 Filed & Adopted. 3/15 Passed Senate (35-13). 3/15 Read first time. 4/19 Amendments H-1266 and H-1264 Filed. 4/19 Amendment H-1264 Adopted. 4/19 Passed House (62-34). 4/20 Amendment S-3171 Filed. 4/20 Passed Senate (34-15).  Undecided
Academic Programs HF 656 - Successor to HSB 220 State Government Committee Establishes a system whereby dentists and dental hygienists licensed to practice in one member state may practice in another member state under a compact privilege without applying for a license in that state. Creates a commission to administer the operation of the compact. Becomes effective upon the adoption of the compact by the seventh participating state.  3/2 Committee recommends passage (22-0). 3/7 Introduced, placed on calendar. 3/14 Passed House (97-0). 3/15 Read first time, referred to State Government. 3/21 Subcommittee: Bousselot, Kraayenbrink and Weiner. 3/23 Subcommittee Meeting. 3/23 Subcommittee recommends passage. 3/29 Committee meeting. 3/29 Committee recommends passage (16-0). 4/17 Passed Senate (50-0). 4/26 Sent to Governor. 4/27 Signed by Governor.  Undecided
Career and Technical Education HF 257 - Successor to HSB 28 and Companion to SF 152 Transportation Committee Strikes the current list of third-party CDL testers and authorizes the DOT to adopt rules restricting the scope of third-party testers.  2/9 Introduced, placed on calendar.  2/9 Committee recommends passage (19-1). 2/15 Passed the House (79-20). 2/16 Introduced. 3/7 Passed the Senate (49-0). 3/22 Sent to Governor. 3/23 Signed by Governor.   
Career and Technical Education HF 335 - Successor to HSB 27 & Companion to SF 156 Transportation Committee Farm-related service industry CDL exemption.  2/16 Introduction, placed on calendar.  2/16 Committee recommends passage (21-0). 3/9 Passed House (96-0). 3/13 Read first time. 4/19 Passed Senate (50-0). 4/28 Sent to Governor. 4/28 Signed by Governor.   
Career and Technical Education SF 157 - Successor to SSB 1028 Transportation Committee Allows persons who are qualified to give behind-the-wheel driving instruction but who are not licensed teachers to administer a final field driving test.  1/26 Introduced, placed on calendar. 1/26 Committee recommends passage (16-0). 2/8 Passed Senate (50-0). 2/15 Passed House (95-3). 3/22 Sent to Governor. 3/23 Signed by Governor.  Undecided
Fiscal & Funding SF 181 - Successor to SSB 1056 Ways and Means Committee Excludes values of mobile home parks, manufactured home communities, land-leased communities, assisted living facilities, parcels primarily used or intended for human habitation containing three or more separate dwelling units, etc., from the calculation of assessment. Estimated Aggregate Impact to Community Colleges: $4 million. Extends the budget certification deadline to April 30.  1/31 Introduced, placed on Ways and Means calendar. 1/31 Committee recommends passage (17-0).  2/1 Amendment S-3007 adopted. 2/1 Fiscal Note. 2/1 Passed Senate (49-0). 2/2 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means. 2/2 Subcommittee: Kaufmann, Bloomingdale, Forbes, Harris and Jacoby. 2/6 Subcommittee Meeting. 2/8 Subcommittee recommends passage. 2/8 Committee recommends passage (19-6). 2/13 Placed on Ways and Means calendar. 2/14 Amendment H-1020 filed. 2/15 Amendment lost. 2/15 Passed House (86-13). 2/20 Signed by Governor.  Undecided
Fiscal & Funding SF 192 - Successor to SSB 1081 Education Committee Establishes a state percent of growth of 3 percent for school funding.  2/1 Introduced, placed on calendar. 2/1 Committee recommends passage. 2/2 Fiscal Note. 2/2 Amendments S-3009-3012 (all lost). 2/2 Passed Senate (34-15). 2/6 Introduced. 2/6 Amendments H-1008-1009 filed (all lost). 2/7 Passed House (59-40). 2/7 Signed by Governor.   
Governance SF 514 - Successor to SSB 1123 State Government Committee Reorganization Bill - Division III (Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing): Adds additional authority over professional licensing to the Department. Department will administer laws relating to employment safety, labor standards, and workers' compensation. Fiscal Impact: Will eliminate 20 FTE positions; reduce overall expenditures by approximately $1.6 million. Division XI (Department of Workforce Development): Acquires from DE work-based learning intermediary network; adult education and literacy programs; and sector partnerships & $200,000 in PACE funds to administer them. Acquires from EDA 260E, 260F, Workforce Development Fund, and 260G. Sector partnership funding can be used by community colleges & IWD. Existing sector partnerships are valid & can continue. Existing 260E, F, and G agreements are valid and can continue. Unencumbered and unobligated 260G funds will revert to IWD. Code language specifies that IWD & community colleges shall jointly implement adult education and literacy. Fiscal Impact: Decrease costs by approximately $4.2 million per year and will eliminate 63 funded FTE positions and 4 unfunded FTE positions, includes $72,000 and 3 FTE positions from the 260E, 260F, and 260G Programs as well as the STEM Internship Program.  Division XIV (Department of Education): Adds Division of Innovation, which will house work of existing STEM initiative. Creates Division of Higher Education to replace Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation which will include Bureau of Community Colleges, Bureau of Career and Technical Education, College Student Aid Commission, and Board of Educational Examiners. Fiscal Impact: The appropriations for the Division of Community Colleges will simply move from its current alignment to the new alignment; the current chief administrative positions for the Division of Community Colleges will be fully replaced by the new bureau chief offices created and the current chief administrative position of the CTE Bureau will be replaced by the chief administrative position of the Community Colleges and Post-Secondary Readiness Bureau but the salaries will remain unchanged; the current chief administrative position for the Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation will assume the duties of the chief administrative position for the Division of Higher Education.  Division XX (Boards and Commissions Review Committee): Establishes committee to study efficiency and effectiveness of each board, council, commission, committee, or other similar entity of the state. Report with findings and recommendations will be filed September 30, 2023.  2/22 Committee recommends passage with amendments (12-6). 3/2 Introduced, placed on calendar. 3/7 Amendments S-3043, S-3044, S-3045, S-3049, S-3050, S-3051, S-3052, S-3054, S-3055, S-3056, S-3058, and S-3061 Filed. 3/7 Fiscal Note (LSB2111SV). 3/7 Passed Senate (34-15). 3/13 Read first time. 3/14 Subcommittee Meeting. 3/14 Amendments H-1095, H-1096, H-1097, H-1098, H-1099, H-1100, H-1101, H-1102, H-1103, H-1104, H-1105, H-1106, H-1107, H-1108, H-1109, H-1110, and H-1111 Filed. 3/15 Fiscal Note (LSB211SV.1). 3/15 All Amendments Lost. 3/15 Passed House (58-39). 4/3 Sent to Governor. 4/4 Signed by Governor.   
K-12   HF 68 - Successor to HSB1 Education Reform Committee Educational Savings Accounts 01/18 Introduced, placed on calendar. 1/23 Scheduled for Debate. 1/23 Fiscal Note. 1/23 Amendment H-1001 adopted. 1/23 Passed the House (55-45). 1/23 Passed the Senate (31-18). 1/24 Signed by Governor Undecided
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