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Equity Lens: Treat All Students as Students

On April 24, 2023, Iowa’s community colleges and the Iowa Department of Education’s Division of Community Colleges & Workforce Preparation convened in Marshalltown, Iowa, at Iowa Valley Business & Community Solutions for the second Aligning Non-credit and Credit workshop. The first workshop was held virtually in March of 2022.

The purpose of this convening was to center around strong priorities and action steps that promote non-credit and credit alignment for one pathway on college campuses. Alignment is an equity imperative. The framework for non-credit and credit program alignment is to treat all students as students, build pathways between non-credit and credit credentials, align departments and governance, make programs credit-worthy or credit-based, and remove barriers to transition.

Leading up to this workshop, ESG (Education Strategy Group) hosted biweekly office hours to support colleges in completing action plans. Additional technical assistance was provided to colleges who requested it. With over 70 college leaders, this workshop provided the opportunity to learn from one another and receive peer and expert feedback on action plans for alignment.

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