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From the Desk of Emily Shields

The legislature had a fairly light week, and most lawmakers went home early in preparation for the holiday. The budget process is off and running if a bit slowly. The Senate released shell budget bills but has only shared an overall number, not any specifics. The house released targets for specific budget bills and will share more detail, likely next week. Below is a comparison chart that House Republicans shared in their newsletter. The House and Senate are about $90 million apart, with the governor’s proposal in the middle. Also this week, the governor signed the government reorganization bill into law. We are expecting further amendments to that, likely in appropriations bills, and are continuing conversations about changes.


FY2024 Governor After Realignment

FY2024 Senate

FY2024 House

Administrative & Regulation




Agriculture & Natural Resources




Economic Development








Health & Human Services




Judicial Branch & Justice Systems




State Aid to Schools & Standing Appropriations









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