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Introduction from Emily Shields

This week, the House and Senate were in session and moved forward on several policy bills. Among them was a workforce omnibus bill (SF 2383) with provisions related to work-based learning, including:

  • A requirement that school districts report on work-based learning participation
  • Defining a work-based learning program supervisor position, creating a certification system for these positions, and requiring that they advise students on the FAFSA
  • Expanding the Rural Iowa primary care loan repayment program to include Community College nursing graduates and nurse educators

They also passed legislation requiring biofuels to be sold at gas stations, lowered the age for the childcare workforce, and changed unemployment benefits.

At the Federal level, ACCT released their FY23 Community College Federal Funding Priorities. They also called on colleges to submit examples of programs that would be covered if Pell expands to short-term training. Submit yours here.

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