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May Trustee Education: What You Need to Know About Open Meetings

As governmental entities, Iowa’s Community Colleges are subject to Chapter 21 of the Iowa Code’s requirements for open meetings. These important provisions can at times be confusing, especially with all of the changes brought on by the pandemic.

Join us for a session on the most important parts of this law for Trustees and get your questions answered. Click on the registration link below to sign up!


Mickey Shields is the Director of Membership Services for the Iowa League of Cities. He frequently gives presentations for cities and other governmental entities on Iowa laws related to open meetings and other requirements.

Registration Link

What you need to know about open meetings. May 5, 9 a.m. Mickey Shields, Iowa League of Cities

Iowa Community College 2022 Summer Conference 

Our summer conference will be here before you know it! Mark your calendars for July 20-22 in Sioux City.

To register for the conference as an attendee, guest, or for the golf outing, head over to our registration page to save your spot!

Conference Website

Hotel Information

Community Colleges for Iowa Conference July 20-22 at WITCC. Special keynote speakers from Apple and Zoom. Register today!

June Trustee Webinar: College and Career Transition Counselor Initiative 

The Iowa College and Career Transition Counselor (CCTC) Initiative allows for Community Colleges and high schools to share positions that help students in exploring college career options and preparing for careers with necessary training and education. CCTC counselors will spend time at high schools each week, providing students with information about various career options; helping shape their career exploration and studies; and providing guidance and assistance so that students identify career and educational goals and take the necessary steps to make a successful transition from high school to college and careers. There are currently 25 College and Career Transition Counselors serving across the state of Iowa, reaching at least 10,000 students. Next year, this number will grow to at least 53 counselors reaching over 21,000 students with the support of $2 million in federal Community Project Funding. Join us in learning more about the important initiatives and the challenges and opportunities in the coming years.


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