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Introduction from Emily Shields

Work continued in both chambers this week on budget and policy. The House has nearly completed its initial work on budget bills, passing the Education budget on the floor on Tuesday. The Senate has not yet released any budget bills. At the federal level, President Biden released his FY23 Budget proposal (see the overview below). Several members of the Iowa delegation also released information on their process for FY23 Community Project Funding requests.

Thank you to everyone who joined Monday’s “Aligning Credit and Noncredit for Equity” workshop. We had over 100 attendees from all 15 colleges and are looking forward to continuing these important conversations. 

President Biden Budget Proposal Highlights:

  • $1,775 increase from FY22 to the maximum award of Pell Grants and a $99 million increase to the Strengthening Institutions Program
  • $800 million increase to FAFSA for student loan management
  • $14.6 billion in discretionary resources for the Department of Labor (DOL), an 18% increase from FY22 funding level (would double the Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants from $50 million in FY22 to $100 million in FY23)
  • $303 million for Registered Apprenticeships ($118 mil above 2021)
  • $3 billion for state workforce funding
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