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Bill Watch: Week of March 1-5, 2021

Bill List as of  March 5, 2021      
Category Bill # Bill Explanation  Comments Registration Status
Apprenticeship HF559 (Previously HSB202) Requires 100 hours of contact work between the apprentice and lead sponsor. Attached to companion SF 484 2/23. Passed House, yeas 93 nays none. Messaged to the Senate. 3/1 Attached to companion SF 484.  
Apprenticeship SF424 (Previously SSB1149) Relating to the licensure of persons completing an apprenticeship. 2/17 Committee report approving bill. 2/18 Placed on the calendar.  
Apprenticeship SF484 (Previously SSB1173) Requires 100 hours of contact work between an apprentice and the lead sponsor in order to qualify for EDA assistance. 3/1 Committee report approving bill. Attached to companion HF 559  
Athletics HF364 (Previously HSB36) Relating to the compensation of student athletes. 2/16 Passed House, yeas 93 nays none. 2/23 Senate Subcommittee: Johnson, Boulton, and Zaun. Undecid.
Day Care HF301 (Previously HF6) Established a child care workforce state matching grant program and fund administered by the early childhood Iowa state board to award matching state grants to eligible communities. 2/11 Passed House. Messaged to Senate. Read first time, referred to Human Resources. 2/17 Subcommittee: Green, Lofgren, and Mathis. 2/23 Subcommittee recommends passage. Undecid.
Day Care HF606 (Previously HF 363 and HF3) Permitting businesses new onsite daycare facilities or businesses expansion of existing onsite daycare facilities to qualify as projects under the high quality jobs program. 2/18 Committee report, recommending amendment and passage.  
Economic Development SSB1197 Creates the Manufacturing 4.0 Technology Fund for investments into smart technologies used to improve current manufacturing processes. (Companion to HSB193.) 2/16 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means. Subcommittee: Dawson, Bolkcom, and Sinclair.  
Elections SF413 Relating to the conduct of elections, inclduing absentee ballots and voeter list maintenance actities. 2/24 Passed House, yeas 57 nays 37. 2/25 Messaged to the Senate.  
Elections SSB1237 Election Law Changes. 3/4Committee report approving bill, renumbered as [].  
EMS HF562 Allows cities and counties to impose an additional levy for EMS. 2/23 Passed House, yeas 93 nays none. 2/24 Message to Senate. Read first time, referred to Ways and Means. 2/25 Referred to State Government. 3/3 Subcommittee: R. Smith, Boulton, and Goodwin.  
Freedom of Speech HF633 Relating to certain companies who censor online content. 3/4 Passed out of Committee.  
Freedom of Speech HF744 (Previously HSB237) Requires the Regents to develop materials and procedures to ensure that the employees responsible for supervising various kinds of student activities understand the policies and duties of the university regarding free speech. 3/4 Committee approves 1-0-6, with amendment S1056.  
Freedom of Speech SF402 Prohibiting the state or a political subdivision of the state from entering into contracts with, or providing tax incentives of any other benefits to, certain companies that censor online content. 3/4 Committee report approving bill, with amendment, renumbered as [] Undecid.
Freedom of Speech SF478 (Previously SSB1205) Providing for training, prohibitions, and requirements related to first amendment rights at K12 and public postsecondary institutions. 2/24 Committee report approving bill 11-4.   
Freedom of Speech HSB258 Establishes requirements for training on racism and sexism in schools, including prohibiting teaching that Iowa is fundamentally racist or sexist. 2/25 Introduced, referred to Judiciary. Subcommittee: Holt, Wheeler, and Wolfe. 3/2 Subcommittee recommends passage, 2-1 3/4 Committee approved 13-8.  
K12 SF159 (Prev. SSB1065) Proposes Student First Scholarship Program for non-public students; Provisions for Charter Schools; Addresses Diversity in Open Enrollment plans; Electronic Records; and Tuition Credits. 1/28 Senate approves 26 yea, 21 nays; immediate passage. 2/1 House - Read first time, referred to Education. 2/2 Fiscal Note. Undecid.
Licensure HF280 (Previously HSB99) Renewal of CDL licenses without examination. (Companion bill SF318). 2/8 Passed House, yeas 91, nays none. Messaged to the Senate. 2/15 Read first time, attached to companion SF 318.  
Licensure HF549 (Previously HSB140) Relates to the completion and passage of CNA and CMA competency exams, and reciprocity agreements. 2/16 Committee report approving bill.  
Licensure SF318 Renewal of CDL licenses without examination. (Companion bill HF280). 2/10 Introduced, placed on calendar. Committee report, approving bill.  
Lobbying HF346 Requires schools and local governments that contract for lobbyist services to do so using an RFP. Requires a person who lobbies for more than 10 hours per month on behalf of a local government or schools to preserve documents and make such documents public records. 2/2 Introduced, referred to State Gov. 2/23 Subcommittee: Jacobsen, Bacon, and Wilburn. 3/1 Subcommittee recommends passage. Vote 2-1. 3/4 Committee approved, 23-0, with amendment.  
Operations HF309 (Successor HSB28) Restricting public agency disclosure of and access to certain personal information related to tax-exempt organizations. 2/23 Passed House, yeas 84 nays 9. Messaged to Senate. Read first time, referred to Judiciary. 2/24 Subcommittee: Johnson, Bolkcom, and Zaun; fiscal note.  
Operations SF439 Prohibit community colleges and Regents from requiring students and staff to wear masks or social distance when off-campus. 2/16 Passed House, yeas 90 nays none. 2/17 Message from House. Read first time in Senate, passed on file. Attached to companion HF435. Undecid.
Operations HF644 (Previously HF375) Registration of postsecondary schools with the College Student Aid Commission. 2/23 Committee report approving bill.   
Operations SF183 (Prev SSB1018) Construction manager-at-risk commercial construction alternative delivery method and prohibiting certain other alternative delivery methods in the public sector.  1/28 Passed Senate, yeas 28, nays 19. Messaged to the House. Read first time, referred to State Government. 2/8 Fiscal Note. 2/10 Subcommittee: Kaufmann, Bloomingdale, Bossman, Hunter and Wilburn.    
Operations SF493 (Previously SF69) Requires that contractors provide information about persons performing construction work on certain public improvement projects to the labor commission. 3/1 Committee approved bill. Undecid.
Operations SF485 (Previously SSB1029) Provide reasonable accommodations to employees based on pregnancy or childbirth. 3/1 Committee report approving bill. Undecid.
Operations SF487 (Previously SSB1046) Relating to the operation of state government, including the review of state boards, the regulation of professions and occupations, and investigations conducted by state boards. 3/1 Committee approved.  
Programming HF380 (Previously HSB82) Drivers Education Instruction - Distracted Driving 2/10 Passed House, yeas 94, nays none. 2/11 attached to companion SF317  
Programming HF433 (Previously HSB78) Authorize a judge to appoint an uncertified court report for a period of up to one year. Companion bill SSB1107. 2/17  Passed House, yeas 94 nays none. 2/18 Message from House. Read first time, passed on file. 2/25 Attached to companion SF440.  
Programming HF670 Establishing a taskforce to the feasibility of establishing an artisanal butchery program. 3/4 Committee approved 21-0, with amendment.  
Programming HF737 (Previously HF516) Allows dental assistants to place sealants on teeth with additional training through an approved program. 3/2 Committee report, recommending amendment and passage.  
Programming SF352 (Previously SF163) Relating to the extension of deadline to satisfy continuing education requirements in certain professions. 2/15 Referred to Ways and Means. 2/16 Subcommittee: Sinclair, Bolkcom, and Dawson. Fiscal Note: (LSB1985SV)  
Tax Credits HF36 Provides for the future repeal of certain tax credits. 1/12 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means.  1/13 Subcommittee: Dawson, Goodwin, and Quirmbach.  
Tax Credits HSB1 Tax credits awarded by the economic development authority for specific capital contributions made to certified rural business growth funds for investment in qualified businesses. 1/12 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means.  Subcommittee: Lohse, Gjerde, and Nordman.  
Taxes SF124 Exempting certain homestead property from specified school property tax levies. 1/21 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means. 1/26 Subcommittee: Dawson, Dotzler, and Goodwin.  
Tenure HF496 (Formerly HF49) Prohibits tenure at institutions of higher learning. 2/10 Committee report, recommending passage 12-9.  2/11 Introduced, placed on calendar. Undecid.
Weapons SF174 (Prev SF30) Relates to certain individuals being able to carry weapons on school property. 1/27 Committee report approving bill. Undecid.
Weapons SF535   (Previously SSB1232) Relating to the acquistion and possession of weapons. 3/3 Introduced, placed on calendar  
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