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Manufacturing 4.0

Late last week, the Governor released the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s report, “Seizing the Manufacturing 4.0 Opportunity: A Strategic Plan for Iowa’s Manufacturing Industry.” The report states:

“Manufacturing faces a technology revolution that emphasizes automation and smart technology. This fourth Industrial Revolution, known as Industry 4.0, will usher in advances and disruptions to manufacturing on a similar scale as those brought over time by water and steam power, mass assembly and computing and robotics. Industry 4.0 includes the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, augmented reality and cybersecurity. Digital technologies may not replace jobs, but they will transform how work is performed – how products are designed, fabricated, used and serviced. Iowa’s ability to compete globally will hinge on its successful transition to new operating models, especially for small-to-medium sized manufacturers who will face mounting pressure from the larger manufacturers they supply.”

This change has important implications for the workforce training and re-training at Iowa’s Community Colleges and we are working on new plans and partnerships to support it.

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