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Successful Fourth Annual CC Day on the Hill 3-6-2020

The colleges did a fabulous job of displaying their chosen program on Tuesday, March 3 at the Capitol.  Nearly every Legislator made an appearance in response to invitations from IACCT and their CCs.  In addition, three Business Partners, over 30 students including a Second Chance Pell student, 17 Trustees, 15 Presidents, and nearly 40 CC staff shared their program story with Legislators, IACCT Conference Sponsors like Estes Construction, and partners like Iowa Area Development Group, Small Business Administration, and SBDC took the time along with much of the public to listen and learn. We are grateful to Miles Capital Education who sponsored breakfast and lunch at IACCT. To learn more about Miles Capital Education which invests public education funds at competitive rates in compliance with state and federal requirements see

You may recall the next year’s date must be entered on the State Department of Administrative Services at midnight one year prior to your selected date, and the first entity completing their request wins the time slot.  IACCT Director of Operations Donna Knox continues to go online at midnight to obtain a morning slot.  It may be that an afternoon slot on Tuesday or Wednesday will be what is available for 2021. IACCT will keep you all posted.

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