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State General Aid Continues to be the Main Advocacy Talking Point 3-6-2020

While you may have it memorized, we remind you again of the value you all bring by visiting with your Legislators while they are home for the weekend about the value to Iowa of an $8.8 million increase in State General Aid.
  1. Thank them for their past support and remind them of the importance of increasing the state funding per pupil for Iowa Community Colleges through State General Aid by $8.8 million. 
    1. The 2020 Priorities’ $8.8 million ask provides a per pupil increase of approximately $108.  
    2. As more students turn to high demand and very expensive educational/training programs, State General Aid provides the foundational funding to offer those programs. 
    3. To view the Iowa State Funding Per Pupil Chart produced by the Legislative Services Agency, See:
  2. Ask your Legislator to champion Community Colleges as a top priority in the 2020 Session.
  3. Thank your Legislator for their commitment.
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