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Palmer's Ponderings 3-6-2020

Both Senior Year Plus Proficiency (HF2443) and Community College Instructors (HF2454) passed the House and went over to the Senate, so we are seeing some of our big policy bills move through chambers, and that is encouraging.  Yesterday we had an important subcommittee on Future Ready Iowa.  Our week here at IACCT was busy to the point of hectic, and many of you participated in it: the Presidents met on Monday, the IACCT Board met  on Wednesday, and in between was Community College Day on the Hill.  Fifteen colleges put in a lot of effort to make this day highly successful, and I heard a number of Legislators express appreciation for this showcase of our programs.  The weather was fine, and the legislative response was excellent.  Thanks to all of the individuals at our colleges who made this happen.  Our IACCT staff has been really stretched this week, so they really deserve a big pat on the back. IACCT Legislative Consultant Dave Palmer: (515) 240-9155 or

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