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Wolf's Wonderings 2-28-2020

This week started out like a Lamb and ended like a Lion. The first few days were spent sorting out Funnel Bill action. By the end of the week, bills were beginning to move through both Chambers. With the assistance of Cindy Schulte (Iowa Valley), the Bill Watch has been updated to reflect ‘Funnel Survivors’ as well as activity that took place this past week.

Bills of Interest Discussed in Subcommittee and Full Committees

HF2502 – Weapons Rules

This bill was voted out of the House on February 27.

It should be noted that Iowa Community College are not affected by this bill due to the definition of public entities outlined in Iowa Code Section – Weapons 724.28.

The House passed the bill, as amended 52-44; it now goes to the Senate.

SF2310 – Online Learning

Ends the State of Iowa On-Line Initiative and authorizes the AEAs, in collaboration with other schools and AEAs to offer on-line classes.  Senate passed the bill, as amended 31-18; it now goes to the House.

SSB3192 – Governor’s Education Appropriations

SSB3193 – Governor’s Economic Development Appropriations

Fiscal Notes of Interest

Fiscal Notes of have released for both bills related to Future Ready Iowa 2.0 (SF2313 and HF2384).

One More Thing

On Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee sponsored a higher education sector panel presentation on Future College Enrollment Projections.  Presenters: Dr. Mark Nook, President of UNI; Dr. Mark Putnam, President of Central College; Dr. Mark Wiederspan, Executive Director of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission; and Dr. Liang Chee Wee, President of Northeast Community College.

Following a brief presentation of projected enrollments (attached PowerPoint), each President presented three topics: Regents – Economic driven, opportunity to plan, and opportunity to collaborate; Independents – Economic & Business development, need to increase participation and retention, and need policies that will help to attract people to Iowa; and Community Colleges – Collaboration, develop communities, and help students realize their futures.

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