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Palmer's Ponderings 2-14-2020

Next week completes the first funnel, which is always a relief within the lobby.  Whether a group is trying to get a bill through the process, or they are trying to stop one, a lot of angst is created.  During this session we have many specific bills that we are watching, but few seem titanic in nature—more will be added next week. The Graduation Alliance matter has drawn much of our attention, and we have been working with the bill sponsors through Jeff Smith with Laurie doing most of the background work.  From my perch, we are doing well with this issue. 

Presidents Dan Kinney Sr. and Dan Kinney Jr. were at the Capitol this week as was Terry Murrell.  Jared Reed, the new liaison from Southeastern, came here and our “regulars,” Cindy Schulte, Steve Warnstadt, and Donna Orton were also with us.  March 3rd is Community College Day on the Hill, and if the weather cooperates, this should be our biggest gathering since the Student Legislative Seminar.  The Presidents have their meeting the day before and the Trustees the day after.

Next week Iowa Lakes and Iowa Valley are coming to Des Moines to work with their delegations.  This rotation works quite well, and as a reminder, if a schedule conflict arises, switches can be made.

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