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Palmer's Ponderings 2-7-2020

Palmer’s Ponderings
My personal highlight for this week was the CLIC/LINK meeting at Embassy Suites.  IACCT Contract Lobbyist Jerry Fitzgerald and I did a presentation on our lobbying system from a state level and we were followed by IVCCD’s Cindy Schulte and ICCC’s Jim Kersten who talked about lobbying from a college perspective.  Later in the day, NIACC President Steve Schulz shared our lobbying from a President’s perspective.  MJ Dolan was the last CLIC/LINC speaker of the day giving an IACCT view of our advocacy process. The CLIC/LINC participants are an experienced and knowledgeable audience who ask good questions. Doug Smith, Chris Duree, and Zoe Thornton from Iowa State University managed a day and a half of speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds in government, education, and non-profits. 

At the Capitol, we are wading through a large number of bills and dealing with many sub-committees.  We have an outstanding blend of Contract Lobbyists and Liaisons who are performing these tasks.  I believe that we are very well served. IACCT Legislative Consultant Dave Palmer : (515) 240-9155 or

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