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Grassroots Action 2-7-2020

Grassroots ACTION
As you continue to visit with Legislators about the importance of an $8.8 million increase in State General Aid, please thank your Senators on the Education Committee for approving the CTE Instructor Qualifications bill. Whether visiting with your Legislator at a local forum/coffee, via telephone, or in the community, please:

1.    Thank them for their past support and remind them of the importance of increasing the state funding per pupil for Iowa Community Colleges through State General Aid by $8.8 million.  
a.    The 2020 Priorities’ $8.8 million ask provides a per pupil increase of approximately $108.  
b.    As more students turn to high demand and very expensive educational/training programs, State General Aid provides the foundational funding to offer those programs.  
c.    To view the Iowa State Funding Per Pupil Chart produced by the Legislative Services Agency, See: 
2.    Ask your Legislator to champion Community Colleges as a top priority in the 2020 Session.
3.    Thank your Legislator for their commitment. 

Ask your Liaison to find your Legislator’s forum or see:

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