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IACCT 32nd Student Legislative Seminar 1-31-2020

IACCT 32nd Student Legislative Seminar

Despite the dangerous winter road conditions across many parts of Iowa, approximately fifty percent of those registered experienced a great Seminar in a new one-day format in a new location.  IACCT welcomes your feedback on the new one-day format and the location. Those students attending heard from speakers on the Iowa Caucus process and leadership, as well as dialoguing with Legislators at the Seminar and the Capital. The enthusiasm, interest, and knowledge of current national and state level political issues of the very bright and talented student attendees was truly marvelous. We can all be sure the student attendees impressed the speakers as much as the speakers may have impressed them.  We thank the faculty leaders who provide the time for the students to be knowledgeable and fearless to join in the dialogue.

For those colleges who registered students but were unable to attend, an event cancelation insurance claim will be filed.  There is no guarantee the claim will be paid. If the claim is not paid, the colleges will be invoiced for those registered.  If the claim is paid, it will reduce their SLS invoice

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