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Equity Lens: Misogynoir

Misogynoir refers to the unique oppression faced by Black women due to the intersection of racism and misogyny.  Misogynoir is a term coined by Moya Bailey, a queer Black feminist.  The term is a blending of the concept “misogyny” and the French word “noir” which means black. Bailey developed the term to describe “the specific hatred, dislike, distrust, and prejudice directed toward Black women.”  Misogynoir combines stereotypes, hypersexualization, and discrimination, diminishing and even erasing Black women’s contributions and devaluing their experiences.  Misogynoir manifests in academia, media, and politics, perpetuating harmful biases.  By creating inclusive spaces and committing to intersectional activism and advocacy, we promote empowerment and equality for all women.  It is crucial to acknowledge and confront misogynoir, ensuring that the experiences and contributions of Black women are recognized and celebrated.

Learn more about misogynoir and related stories, and how to stop it.

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