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What's New on the Hill?

This week started session and there was no procrastination in introducing bills. 

Academic Programs: HSB 548 allows law enforcement officers to attend accredited out-of-state institutions to meet their training requirements. 

Career and Technical Education: HSB 542 makes the Governor's recommended changes to the AEAs allowing school districts to continue to utilize their AEA, utilize a neighboring AEA, utilize a private company, or provide services in-house. 

Financial Aid & Fees: There were two new bills creating or modifying financial aid for those in the army reserves and national guard, and one that impacts the reporting requirements for College Student Aid. 

Fiscal & Funding: Two new bills were introduced. One was the Governor's new taxation bill that would bring the 2024 income tax rate down to 3.65% and the 2025 income tax rate down to 3.5%. The other is a carry-over from last year that allows the Department of Management to determine the income tax rate year-to-year based on the amount of money available in the taxpayer relief fund. 

Governance: The weapons bill has made a comeback and there is a bill that changes the filing deadlines for PACs. 

Operations: SSB 3046 allows Community Colleges to submit annual WTED plans instead of the 2-year plans that are currently required. 

For more info, our Bill Tracker is up-and-running and more details will be available here: 2024 Bill Tracker | Community Colleges for Iowa (

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