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What's New on the Hill?

We are so excited for Tuesday's Community College Day on the Hill!

Our two biggest priorities are alive and well and we hope you will talk to legislators about them. 

SF 2373 makes important changes to the State General Aid distribution formula. We are also hoping for a $10 million increase in funding this year. While the budget process has largely not begun, it's still a good time to make the case for this investment.

HF 2615 will allow for the further expansion of the very successful College and Career Transition program. 

Because last week was funnel week, the House and Senate have focused much of their time and attention on floor work, which means that any surviving bills are being voted on by an entire Chamber of the legislature. Below you will find the bills that have moved forward in the past week. 

HF 2513 which strikes requirements for College Student Aid to submit annual reports to the governor and general assembly regarding some tuition grants has now passed the House on a 95-0 vote. 

HF 2539 increases the penalty for violation by a member of a governmental body of open records laws to no more than $2,500 and no less than $500 in damages. A fiscal note was released on this bill. 

HF 2574 is the boards/commissions bill set forth by the House and would eliminate the Community College faculty advisory committee & quality faculty plan professional development committee. SF 2385 is the Governor's proposed boards/commissions bill and has some differences from the House's proposed version. 

HF 2586 allows school employees to obtain a permit to carry weapons. 

HF 2604 allows law enforcement officers to go to out-of-state accredited educational institutions, as long as approved by the academy. 

HF 2613 establishes the state percent of growth of 3 percent for K-12 schools. A fiscal note was released, and an amendment has been filed that would change the state percent of growth to 6 percent. 

HF 2615 exempts CCTCs from the cap on shared operational functioning for supplementary weighting purposes. 

HSB 720 establishes a process for eliminating the state income tax. 

HSB 721 creates any bill that increases income or corporate taxes to be approved by a 2/3 majority. 

SF 2259 expands the definition of "apprenticeship programs". 

SF 2260 gets rid of the Regional Industry Sector Partnerships and Statewide Work-Based Learning Intermediary Network and also makes significant changes to the Last Dollar Scholarship program. 

SF 2373 is our funding formula bill that has been reassigned to the Appropriations Committee to be revoted on by another group of individuals. 

For more info, our Bill Tracker is up-and-running and more details will be available here: 2024 Bill Tracker | Community Colleges for Iowa (

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