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Community College Leaders Would Determine State Funding Formula Under House Bill

All of the community college presidents and chancellors support this legislation, which they hope will modernize the funding distribution process and help close gaps in funding between colleges. "Since the formula was put into code in such specificity, it really has not been touched in 20 years, and a lot has changed about higher education in 20 putting a process in the code rather than a strict set of guidelines allows us to continue the conversation," says Emily Shields, Executive Director. With the current formula, some colleges are being funded at 70% of the average per pupil funding and some are seeing 170% of the average. We hope to decrease the gap in the average while providing more equitable funding for the colleges and more importantly our students. Read more about this awesome article!

Day on the Hill Training Webinar

For those of you that missed our webinar, you can find the recording here:

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