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2023 Legislative Priorities

Invest in Community College student success

  • Increase State General Aid by an amount that keeps up with rising costs and keeps tuition costs low while maintaining the high quality of Iowa Community College programs. 

  • Provide funding to programs that keep tuition affordable like the Last Dollar Scholarship and the Gap Tuition Assistance Program. 

  • Provide flexibility and specific funding to assist students in a variety of programs with other needs such as books, materials, housing, food, and childcare that many need to successfully complete.  

Address the state's workforce needs and support businesses

  • Increase funding and continue to improve dedicated workforce training programs to keep up with demand from businesses. 

  • Support the continued success of Iowa’s concurrent enrollment systems through changes that support Career and Technical Education programs and expand access to more rural and marginalized communities  

  • Support continued expansion of the College and Career Transition Counselor initiative statewide, including underserved rural areas, by excluding it from the cap on shared operational functions. 

  • Encourage and support partnerships with four-year institutions for transfer pipelines that serve parts of the state lacking in higher education options. 

Ensure Iowa's Community Colleges can continue to offer Iowans high-quality education efficiently and effectively 

  • Maintain strong local decision-making to connect programs to local community needs. 

  • Change and eliminate policies that create unnecessary regulatory burdens to enhance operational efficiency. 

  • Support to continue to build use of outcomes and other statewide data to impact policy and practice.  

    We've also created a handout explaining these priorities which you can send or distribute to others.

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