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Positions, Initiatives, and Councils

Across the state, a number of positions, initiatives, and councils have been created to assist in complying with the laws and regulations above.

Each college should conduct a comprehensive review of all such work, especially where employee time and budget are being allocated with particular consideration to the following:

  1. Review all diversity, equity, and inclusion positions and activities to determine whether they are necessary for compliance, accreditation, or student and employee services. Any position responsibilities that are not necessary for these purposes should be reconsidered and adjusted. Position titles should be reviewed to ensure they appropriately reflect position responsibilities.

  1. Ensure that the purpose of all diversity, equity, and inclusion positions and activities is transparent to the campus community and stakeholders.

  1. Review all initiatives  or councils to ensure:

    1. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding discrimination and civil rights. Initiatives should not infringe on the rights of any group or individual.

    2. Protection of academic freedom, allowing faculty and students to explore a broad range of ideas and viewpoints without fear of censorship.

    3. Fiscal sustainability and alignment with the core educational priorities of the institution.

    4. Activities are based on credible research and data that demonstrate their effectiveness in achieving educational outcomes.

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