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Campus Climate and Culture

At a time when political polarization is high and enrollment is largely flat, it is important to take steps to ensure that campus environments (physical and online) are welcoming to everyone, creating a sense of belonging that contributes to student success.

  1. No employee, student, applicant, or campus visitor is required to submit a DEI statement or be evaluated based on participation in DEI initiatives, unless the position is required for DEI-related compliance or accreditation.

  1. No employee, student, applicant, or campus visitor is compelled to disclose their pronouns on any campus forms and provide training to ensure that faculty and student leaders do not make others feel compelled to share their pronouns. While everyone should feel welcome to share their personal pronoun preferences, no one should be required to do so.

  2. Prohibit any program, class, training, seminar, or other event to restrict attendance based on an individual’s race, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation. 

  3. Review recruitment materials to ensure that they are not promoting a specific ideology and make an effort to welcome everyone.

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