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2021 Legislative Priorities

2021 Community Colleges Legislative Priorities

Sustain programming to restore Iowa's economy

Increase State General Aid by 3% over the FY2021 appropriation to sustain fundamental programming for economic restoration.

Revive local economies with Workforce Training

Maintain local decision-making and ongoing funding of the Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund and New Jobs Training Programs. Support dedicated public and private funding opportunities for credentialed training partnerships.

Grant temporary local funding authority

Provide elected Community College Boards the governance flexibility to temporarily access local funding to offset unreimbursed pandemic funding losses.

As Iowa's Workforce Trainer, Community Colleges are prepared to get Iowa's economy back on track with tailored local programs

40,606 new jobs via 260E program agreements benefitted 551 Iowa businesses and 183,999 in Iowa Skilled Worker & Job Creation Fund program benefitted 2,488 Iowa businesses.

Nearly 83% of students stay in Iowa and Community Colleges deliver qualified workers in every region.

LSA State Funding Per Pupil

Regents Institutions: $10,770

Private Colleges: $4,460

Community Colleges $2,501

General Fund Revenue

  FY1967 FY2019
Tuition & Fees 14.2% 51.3%
Local Funding 27.7% 5.8%
State Funding 39.3% 34.9%


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