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Legislative Priorities

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2024 Community College Legislative Priorities

One voice for accessible excellence in higher education

Invest in Community College student success

  • Increase State General Aid by by $10 million to help keep up with rising costs while maintaining affordable and high-quality programs

  • For this year, this funding request reflects the need to equalize funding for colleges that have seen large enrollment growth in the past ten years, therefore half of the appropriated funds will go to those colleges to help equalize funding statewide 

  • Update code to allow for more flexibility in the funding formula to ensure equity and keep up with changes in enrollment going forward

Address the state's workforce needs and support businesses

  • Fund Governor Reynolds’ signature Last Dollar Scholarship program to meet the needs of students in high-demand programs 

  • Sustain funding and continue to improve dedicated workforce education and training programs to keep up with demand from businesses and meet students’ needs 

  • Support continued expansion of the College and Career Transition Counselor initiative statewide, including underserved rural areas, by excluding it from the cap on shared operational functions

Serve Local Communities

  • Maintain strong local decision-making to connect programs to local community needs. 

  • Change and eliminate policies that create unnecessary regulatory burdens to enhance operational efficiency. 

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