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Alliance Priorities

Data, Research, Trends

Led by Ambé White (IWCC)
  • Work closely with Iowa Department of Education and CC for Iowa Dir. of Equity and Inclusion to identify state "gaps," challenges, trends, statistical irregularities, anomalies, etc. to mitigate

  • Identify national trends that may be or will be impacting Iowa

Male Student Enrollment 

Led by Dr. Vincent Boyd (IVCCD)                
  • Identified by Presidents in September 2021 as a priority

  • Close to a 20% decrease in male student enrollment in a 5-year span affecting several Colleges

Aligning Credit & Non-Credit

Led by Dr. Amy Foley (EICC)
  • Utilize data from the March 28 workshop to help continue the alignment of credit and non-credit; specifically addressing inequities of access to specific services

  • Work on how best to support each College on alignment

Community College Affinity Networks

  • Create specific affinity employee networks: Womxn's, African American, LGBTQ+, Latinx, BIPOC, Veterans, People with disAbilities, 1st Generation, and Social Mobility to provide state-wide support to staff and faculty

  • DEI Think Tank (Incubator or Policy Institute) for future priorities

  • Network for student affinity groups

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