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The Alliance to Foster Equity and Inclusion (Alliance) is a collaboration which started on February 22, 2022, between the Iowa Department of Education (IDE), Iowa Community Colleges, and Iowa Association of Community College Trustees. The Alliance’s mission is to promote equity, inclusion, and social justice within Iowa’s Community Colleges through education and action while also achieving the mission of a comprehensive College.

Part of the agreement was to create a statewide steering committee of Community College presidents, faculty, staff, and students to establish and maintain a statewide position to develop programming across the Iowa’s Community Colleges.

Structure and Formation of Steering Committee
  • Structure approved in December 2021 at Joint Meeting between Community College Presidents and Trustees

  • 21 nominations submitted with a pool of 9 to fill vacancies

  • Committee created in March 2022

  • Chair (Dr. Todd Holcomb) selected in April 2022

  • Ambé White, Dr. Vincent Boyd, and Dr. Amy Foley selected to lead each priority (listed here)

Inaugural Steering Committee Members 

Gisella M. Aitken-Shadle (NICC) (DEI Representative)

Vincent Boyd (IVCCD) (Executive Administrator/Cabinet)

Bridgett Elliott Golman (NIACC) (Executive Administrator/Cabinet)

Amy Foley (EICC) (College Faculty)

Todd Holcomb (HCC) (President)

Chelsea Lema (HCC) (Student)

Terry Murrell (WITCC) (President)

Val Newhouse (ILCC) (President)

Sreeja Srilatha (KCC) (HR Staff)

Revathi Truong (WITCC) (DEI Representative)

Ambé White (IWCC)

We thank them for their work at their respective Colleges, especially in DEI, and for their willingness to serve in a statewide capacity.

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