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FutureTracc Partners

The FutureTracc logo (stylized "F" with a turquoise arrow and triangle making the shape of the "F", FutureTracc with "retirement plan" below, and "building your future together" below that).

FutureTracc™ Partners

To give you a broad understanding of the entities involved in the FutureTracc Plan, below is information on each entity.

Community Colleges for Iowa

Community Colleges for Iowa is the Plan Sponsor of FutureTracc, one of two retirement plans available to Iowa Community College employees. The Plan Sponsor is responsible to provide a sound and beneficial plan offering to these employees. Community Colleges for Iowa manages FutureTracc by working closely with Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges, the Plan Administrator TIAA, and Independent Investment Advisor CAPTRUST.

CCforIowa was established in 1971 to serve Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges and their locally-elected Boards to provide educational opportunities and coordinate an advocacy program. To learn more click here. As part of that service, in November 1993 CCforIowa agreed to be the Plan Sponsor for a Community College employee retirement plan alternative to the State of Iowa’s IPERS Plan authorized by the Iowa Legislature in 1990. See clickable content: Iowa Code §260C.14(17). CCforIowa receives no income or other compensation in providing the services as the Plan Sponsor to its member Community Colleges.

FutureTracc is overseen by the FutureTracc Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges appointed by CCforIowa. These members include an IACCT (Iowa Association of Community College Trustees) Board member, a college President who serves as its Chair, as well as college Chief Financial Officers, Human Resource Directors, and staff.  The Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the IACCT Board about FutureTracc operations and financial education/counseling for all college employees.

CCforIowa has appointed the FutureTracc Investment Committee to review available investments and make recommendations to the IACCT Board for the investment options available to the FutureTracc Participants.  This Committee is comprised of an IACCT Board member who serves as its Chair, the CCforIowa Executive Director, and a college President, Chief Financial Officer, and Human Resource Director.

Iowa Community Colleges

Community Colleges for Iowa member Community Colleges provide a wide variety of services for its employees participating in FutureTracc, including but not limited to: provide new employee orientation materials to assist in the employee’s retirement plan choice; enroll employees who choose FutureTracc; determine eligibility for Plan participation; establish the procedures to determine and forward the employee and employer contributions to the Plan; provide ongoing information about the Plan; and perform the operations to carry out the Plan within the college’s purview under the Plan and the law.

Click here to contact Iowa Community Colleges for FutureTracc information.

FutureTracc Administrator

TIAA, has served as the Plan Administrator since the 1990s. TIAA provides Participants access to their account information and handles transactions from the Community Colleges and for individual Participants in accordance with the FutureTracc Retirement Plan. Through TIAA, FutureTracc is able to offer a wide variety of educational offerings as well as financial consulting which are available to all Plan Participants. To learn more about the FutureTracc Plan, watch a short video at To enroll in the FutureTracc Plan, visit  

FutureTracc Independent Investment Advisor 

CAPTRUST has served as the Independent Investment Advisor for FutureTracc since 2016.  As an independent investment advisor, CAPTRUST operates under the fiduciary standard to act in the best interests of the FutureTracc participants.  CAPTRUST analyzes, monitors, and recommends investments to the FutureTracc Investment Committee.  Visit CAPTRUST to learn more.

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