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Community Colleges for Iowa

Community Colleges for Iowa advocates with one voice for accessible excellence in education. We are a nonprofit, volunteer membership association and the primary advocate for Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges. We provide leadership on issues affecting the colleges and represent the collective needs, vision, and values of the colleges to state and federal policymakers.

Iowa’s Community Colleges are not a “system” with a centralized administration under one governing body. Rather, our institutions are 15 separate and independent local colleges with their own elected governing boards. Iowa’s Community College regions cover the entire state, allowing us to serve every Iowan, community, and business.

Community Colleges for Iowa is the “doing business as” name for a variety of collaborations and organizations across Iowa’s Community Colleges. The Iowa Association of Community College Trustees is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors that includes one Trustee from each Community College. The Iowa Association of Community College Presidents is a consortium of Community College Presidents committed to working together for the success of all.

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